Older Escorts Are More Experienced and Much More Fun

Older Escorts Are More Experienced and Much More Fun

Bag Yourself a Hot Older Woman for The Night


If you have never been seduced by an older woman, it’s high time you hired a mature escort.

Mature escorts are incredibly popular, and La Belle Affaire take so many bookings for older escorts. Their premium mature escorts in London are perfect for casual encounters in the capital. If you’ve never experienced a night with a mature lady, then you are certainly in for a treat! Here is what makes them so special.


More experienced

It goes without saying that mature escorts are more experienced that their younger counterparts. It’s a well-known fact that women hit their sexual peak later in life, and you’ll find that an older women will have a really high sex drive. Mature escorts have had more time to hone their skills of seduction, and they can wow you in a million different ways. In fact, a mature escort from La Belle Affaire will probably be able to show you a thing or two!

Still looking great

Mature escorts are just as beautiful as one’s half their age. The ladies at La Belle Affaire really take care of themselves, and they look better now than they did in their younger days! Think of your favourite mature celebrity crushes – women like Elizabeth Hurley, Monica Bellucci, Elle Macpherson, and Sharon Stone. You’d hardly call any of them past it would you? The same goes for mature escorts.

Oozing confidence

Mature women are much more confident. They have left behind all of the worries and insecurities of their twenties, and are ready to have fun without a care in the world. You’ll find that they flaunt their gorgeous figures in sexy clothes, and aren’t shy when it comes to stripping off in the bedroom. That, of course, is where they really come into their own. Mature escorts have no problem taking the lead, making them ideal for guys who want to surrender a little control.

Lots of fun

Mature escorts are a lot of fun. They are really easy to talk to, and don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s really important to chat and establish that rapport and trust at the start of an appointment, and a mature escort will be able to do that so much easier than a woman ten years her junior. Intelligent and witty, these ladies are great at getting even the most reserved men to come out of their shells.


An older escort has much more life experience than a girl just starting out in the industry. The mature escorts at La Belle Affaire have shared evenings in London with many more men, and so they will come into an appointment with a really open mind. Nothing can shock these escorts, so they are the perfect women to bring your wildest fantasies to life.

What are you waiting for?

It’s clear to see that mature escorts offer just as much as, if not more, than their younger rivals. If you want to spend an evening with a woman who has truly mastered the art of seduction, don’t be afraid to hire your very own cougar for a night of fun. Whether you head out and party or spend the evening in the privacy of your home or London hotel, she will leave you truly satisfied.

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