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Is Dating Burning A Hole In Your Bank Balance?

Save Time & Money With A Hot London Escort!

If you’ve had enough of dating high maintenance women, it could be time to call Fantasy London Girls!

Dating in London can be something of a minefield, and when you meet a woman you really connect with it’s so tempting to spoil her in order to keep hold of her. Sadly, a lot of women take advantage of a man’s generous nature and place unreasonable demands on him. If you’ve had enough of high maintenance women, how else can you have fun and play the field in the capital? By hooking up with one of the Fantasy London escorts of course!

Pricey nights out

Heading out on dates in the city can be expensive, especially if your other half is pressuring you to take her to the best restaurants and clubs in London. It’s great to enjoy a night out at one of the most exclusive places in town every now and again, but on a weekly basis? That’s really going to impact on your finances – especially if your date is failing to contribute to the bill at the end of the night.

Splashing out on gifts

You may also feel under pressure to treat the new woman in your life to flashy gifts as well. It’s in a gentleman’s nature to treat a lady well, and splashing out on presents for her is one of the many ways he’ll show just how much she means to him. Of course, a high maintenance woman will come to expect these gifts, putting you under pressure to keep spending. So your credit card will be getting quite the workout!

Controlling behaviour

It’s not just financially that a demanding woman can put a strain on you. She could also manipulate your emotionally too. She could try to control certain aspects of your life – from who you spend time with to what clothes she thinks you should wear. She could also expect you to be at her beck and call, so the spare time you have outside of work will be totally dedicated to her. That’s not a healthy relationship for anyone to be in.

Cut out the stress

Frustratingly, it can be hard to tell if a girl is going to be high maintenance when you first meet her. That behaviour only usually becomes apparent later on. So what’s the solution? Hire an escort of course! At Fantasy London Girls you’ll find some of the best escorts in the business. Gorgeous, fun-loving and sexy, these ladies are the dream date for any guy. Best of all, they’re really laid back. So they’ll go along with your plans, not the other way round.

You could save some serious cash

It seems hard to believe, but hiring an escort could cost you less than dating a very demanding woman. You’ll be able to choose where you go on a night out, so you can give the more expensive restaurants and clubs a miss. You will also be under no pressure to treat her to extravagant gifts. All that your escort will ask of you is that you treat her with respect and kindness. For a gentleman like yourself, that won’t be a struggle at all.

Go on, make life simple for yourself!

So, why not give dating a miss for a while and switch to escorts? They’re much less hard work than a demanding other half, and you will be able to call the shots from the word go. Whether you want to enjoy the occasional evening of fun or regular nights out, a Fantasy London girl will be the ideal companion.

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